Tom McElvain playing his guitar Hellbitch

Tom McElvain


“This business of music is populated with characters of every variety that humanity has to offer. The rule seems to be ‘the more topsy-turvy the character, the more interesting and valid the artist.’ In the bohemian cast of troubadours popularly known as Texas Music (Yes, the Lone Star State has its own brand…you’ve never heard of “Connecticut Music“, have you?) there exists the usual and varying degrees of talent and relevance. Tom McElvain, when we’re speaking of the current wave of the North Texas region, represents the higher order of that rank-and-file.”

-Jeff Hobson, Outlaw Magazine


Tom McELvain, who has written for artists like Cody Jinks (“Rock and Roll” and “Grey”) offers listeners a generous serving of sensational vocals, energetic presentation, honest songwriting, and unrestrained music.




Lady In Red 2 by ©2017 Melissa Arnold / Texas Red Productions

Lady In Red Is currently on the latest album, Redemption, available in iTunes and Spotify for listening and sharing. Tom is presently working on his autobiography as well and will be releasing a new video for Lady In Red  in 2020. Please subscribe to his newsletter for the latest news, tour dates and releases coming soon.